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Dredging and Marine works consultancy

Education and Training

Good communications is a core value for the consultants of Blue Pelican Associates. For that reason, BPA consultants have developed high-level seminars and courses in the fields of dredging, port development and other maritime infrastructure subjects.

The courses aim at fostering better understanding amongst all players and stakeholders about the many phases of a dredging project (identification, investigation, feasibility studies, design, construction, and maintenance).  Dredging techniques and equipment, soil investigation, costing of projects and types of contract also may form part of the presentations. Half-day to week-long courses have been presented in Europe, Asia, Middle East and the Americas.

The modular structure of the seminars allows BPA consultants to customize the course in subject, duration and location to fit the needs of the client. While the courses focus on higher technical and management levels and academically trained staff, they can be adapted to a non-technical audience.

Lectures are presented by experts in various fields; workshops and site visits to a dredging-site may be included in the package.

Services rendered include:

  • Presentation of courses and seminars on dredging and marine infrastructure & related issues
  • Development and organization of custom-made seminars for specific professional target groups, including NGOs and activist organizations
  • Lectures on specific themes at universities and other institutions