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Dredging and Marine works consultancy

Cost Estimates and risk assessment

Civil works in a marine environment are usually large and expensive. Each project has it's own characteristics which results in  the fact that without experience and specific knowledge in the field of dredging and marine works, no realistic estimate of the costs of a project can be derived. The comprehensive knowledge of the partners of Blue Pelican Associates related to construction methods and planning, makes it possible to make a solid estimate of the costs of a project. A realistic estimate of the costs results in a stronger position during contract and price negotiations. This way the employer has detailed insight in costs to be expected for the realization of the project.

Planning, cost and risk assessments are a necessity for each major infrastructure project, from the earliest conceptual design phase all the way towards completion. The level of detail and accuracy gradually increases during the subsequent phases, and are often closely linked to the development of the Business Case for the project. Especially for marine works such assessments require extensive knowledge and experience, as the natural circumstances and the project scope and characteristics heavily influence the costs and duration. The worldwide experience of the experts from Blue Pelican Associates is precisely what is required, preparing realistic estimates in the various phases.

The analyses of BPA's consultants are aimed to identify the internal and external risks and opportunities of the project. This includes technical, contractual, economical and environmental/mitigation aspects, including specific stakeholder concerns. In consultation with the client, we can prepare a project specific risk register to support the determination of a contingency allowance for the project CAPEX, OPEX and Business Case.

Services rendered by BPA include:

  • Establishing a planning and cost estimate template, linked to a Work Breakdown Structure of the scope
  • Estimating duration and costs of identified tasks
  • Setting-up a risk register
  • Ensuring the results of planning and cost estimate are linked correctly towards the project Business Case
  • Advise the client on inaccuracies, uncertainties, and risk mitigation.