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Dredging and Marine works consultancy

Disputes and claims

Drafting contracts, including particular conditions and defining scope and requirements, and managing contracts for projects in execution stage are an important part of BPA’s consultancy business.

Also, BPA consultants have been requested to act as Independent Expert Witness for disputes which could not be settled between project parties and needed resolution through mediation, adjudication and arbitration processes.

The expertise provided as Expert Witness may include discussion of various technical aspects of the dredging works agreed under the contract, as well as benchmarking against industry standards and good practices.

Further, in claims often an expert quantification of production, time, and costs, reasonable in the circumstances and based on industry methods and practices, is required. BPA can provide such quantification, comparing actual performance on site with (hypothetical) cases not hampered by the restrictions/delay which are the underlying cause of the dispute.