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Dredging and Marine works consultancy

Marine Works









Marine works projects like breakwaters or revetments, and the installation of pipeline protection,  are often designed based on extreme load conditions and failure probabilities.  To achieve the “end result” as drawn, requires a robust contract as well as a sound understanding of the challenges of the actual construction processes. For both the experience of Blue Pelican Associates is of great benefit to the project owner, including:

  • analyze the operational conditions statistics (wind, wave and swell) during the envisaged construction months
  • assess robust and cost effective equipment and work methods (land-based and/or floating equipment)
  • determine logistics needed for supply of rock to site and towards the workfront
  • time schedule of the sub-processes
  • visualization of the construction process
  • survey methods and accuracies
  • assess the risk of storm damage
  • various other important “details” like: interfacing with other works, storm shelter, site supervision, environmental monitoring.