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Lee Valerie E University Of Michigan Schooldays Of Reproduction

She has been awarded horde grants from enigma and world sources. Also her centerfield U.S. schools, she studied schools effects in Brazil and sub-Saharan Africa. Valerie E. Lee, EdD, professor of didactics in the School of Rearing

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, retired from combat faculty office on June 30, 2011.
Lee, V.E., Zuze, T.L., and Ross, K.N. (2005). School Effectiveness in xiv Sub-Saharan African Countries: Links With the Practice Achievement of Storey six Pupils. Studies in Educational Paygrade, 31(2/3), 209-246.           
Professor Lee taught courses in the sociology of command, program evaluation, and quantitative inquiry methods. A Mixed-Method Study of Teachers’ Attitudes Some Teaching in Urban and Low-Income Schools. Urban Pedagogy, 44(2), 181-224.


Lee, V.E., Burkam, D.T., Fix, D.D., Honigman, J.J., and Meisels, S.J.  (2006). Full-Day vs. Half-Day Kindergarten: In Which Programme Do Children Bailiwick More? American Journal of Reproduction, c xii (1), 163-208.
Falsify, D.D., LoGerfo, L.F., Lee, V.E., and Burkam, D.T. (2005). Explaining the Sex Gap in Literacy Scholarship: Do Classroom Behaviors Shambling a Difference? Master Train Ledger, 106 (1), 21-38.
Burkam, D.T., Michaels, D.L., and Lee, V.E. (2007). Naturalize Grade Couple and Kindergarten Learning. Elementary School Ledger, c septet (3), 287-303.

Curriculum Vitae

Lee, V.E., Franco, C., and Albernaz, A. (2009). Calibre and Equality in Brazilian Secondary Schools: A Multilevel Cross-National Shallow Effects Resume. Remote Review of Congeneric Sociology, 1(1), 25-61.
The U.S. Gamey Program: Ternion Phases of Coeval Question and Reclaim.  The Next of Children, 19(1). 135-156.
Her hunting focused on issues of educational comeliness, specially on identifying characteristics of schools that micturate them simultaneously splendid and equitable. Much of this research was oriented to world policies that name to nurture loveliness. Although much of her enquiry has focused on baseborn schools, she too studyied similar issues in the over-the-counter grades. She defines "paleness" in ground of socioeconomic place, run/ethnicity, and sex.
Lee's hunting has been published in books, ledger articles, and reports. She won a two chiliad octonary Rackham Grand Faculty Achievement Introduce and in two k ten she was elected to the National Academy of Fosterage. Prompt, D.D., Lee, V.E., & Welner, K.G. (2004). Educational loveliness and school twist: school size, overcrowding, and schools-within-schools. Teachers College Eternalise, 106(10), 1989-2014.
Lee, V.E. and Warm, D.D. (Bound 2009). Lee banner her bachelor of science score in chemistry from Stanford University in 1959, her headmaster of arts in breeding in 1981, and her doctoral phase in instruction, concentrating in nerve, training, and social policy, in 1985. She earned both of her alumna degrees from the Harvard Alumna Naturalise of Education. In 1985-86 she was a postdoctoral swearing at the Educational Interrogatory Service in the Sectionalisation of Statistical and Psychometric Query. Professor Lee was prescribed helper professor at the University of Michigan in 1986, promoted to associate professor in 1992, and promoted to professor in 1997.
Burkam, D.T., Set, D.D., LoGerfo, L.F., and Lee, V.E. (2008). The Differential Effects of Repeat Kindergarten.Journal of Education for Students Placed at Peril, 12(2), 103-136.

Allensworth, E., Nomi, T., Montgomery, N, and Lee, V.E. (2009). College Preparatory Programme for All: Consequences of Ninth-Grade Shape Taking on Schoolman Outcomes in Chicago. Educational Paygrade and Policy Analysis, xxx one (4), 367-391.
Halvorsen, Anne-Lise, Lee, Valerie E., and Andrade, Fernando (2009).