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Porto Central – Adaptive Dredging Management Plan

Description of the project

Porto Central is a greenfield port project in the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil. The construction of the port, designed for VLCC’s with 21 m draught, implies major dredging works of 60 million m3 in the first phase alone.

The impact of turbidity generated by the dredging works is a concern for the health of the nearby rhodolith beds. Therefore an Adaptive Dredging Management Plan is developed. The behavior of turbidity plumes under local hydrodynamic conditions is simulated. Thresholds are established for sedimentation rates for rhodoliths. This results in the prediction of areas with increased risk of impact, which can be monitored closely during execution. Procedures are designed to adapt dredging when necessary on the basis of actual monitoring results (both physical parameters as visual inspections).

Services provided by Blue Pelican Associates:

  • Initiate and structure the development of the adaptive dredging framework
  • Strategic advise for client on managing the various stakeholders and associated risks
  • Advocate the integrated approach of engineers and ecologists
  • Facilitate the iterative process towards the final plan
  • Develop operational procedures based on 3-way trigger levels for measured turbidity, and integrate with visual health monitoring at key receptors
  • Align dredging contract conditions and specifications with operational procedures regarding adaptive measures.



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