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Sedimentation in Port of Harlingen

Sedimentation in the Port of Harlingen is relatively high, causing high maintenance dredging costs. The municipality is eager to know what causes the sedimentation exactly. A complex hydrodynamic system is present with sediment-rich tidal flows, density currents, and discharge of floodwater from backwaters.

Frequently the municipality, the dredging contractor, and local pilots have a different opinion on the actual water depth available in critical spots in the port area.

BPA is assigned to run a quick scan of the situation in Port of Harlingen, aiming at a proposal for the execution of a series of measurements of hydraulic, sedimentologic and dredging parameters.

Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided by Blue Pelican Associates:

  • Screening of existing data, with a summary of reports prepared earlier (by others)
  • Description of hydrodynamic system within the port, with influence from surrounding areas
  • Assessment of maintenance dredging (as executed)
  • Proposal for adoption of nautical depth concept in the port
  • Recommendations on port management
  • Establish need for data collection, including proposal


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