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Dredging and Marine works consultancy

Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon

Description of the project

The tidal range in the Swansea Bay offers the opportunity for large scale hydro-power generation. A man-made lagoon is designed with bund walls which contain hydro turbines in it. Both with incoming (rising) and outgoing (falling) tides electricity is generated.

The Marine Works contract is part of a suite of contracts that is used to design, build and operate the lagoon, and it consists of the following scope:

  • The permanent bund wall structure enclosing the lagoon (approx. 9.5 km)
  • The temporary cofferdam structure including dewatering
  • Reclamation areas within the lagoon
  • Associated dredging, reclamation and rock works
  • Ancillary marine works

Services provided by Blue Pelican Associates

 Evaluate working methods and equipment for marine works (dredging and dike construction)

  • Assessment of dredgeability and production estimate
  • Seasonal workability and construction programme
  • Rock supply (logistics and installation)
  • Cost estimate incl risk assessment
  • Review particular conditions of contract (FIDIC Yellow Book)


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