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Dredging and Marine works consultancy

Dredging and Reclamation

Smart & Simple

Finding solutions for complex problems, with utmost respecti for the forces as well as the vulnerability of nature.

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Professional services

Diversified experience

The strength of BPA is a multi-disciplinary staff that offers quality solutions to complex problems.

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Port & harbor development

Creative Ideas

Based in the city centre of one of the largest ports of the world, Blue Pelican Associates is standing in the center of the universe when it comes to port development.

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Dredging and Marine works consultancy

Blue Pelican Associates consultants offer extensive and diversified experience in the consultancy of dredging, ports, marine infrastructure and coastal construction, offshore and onshore structures.

Blue Pelican Associates is specialized with highly qualified consultancy professionals in the fields of strategic planning, quality assurance, management and engineering.

The strength of Blue Pelican Associates multi-disciplinary consultants is that it can offer solutions to complex problems, whereby the emphasis is upon quality, transparency, delivery and reliability.

Professional consultancy services

Blue Pelican Associates is able to offer its clients extensive and diversified experience in the working fields of dredging, ports, marine infrastructure and coastal construction, offshore and onshore structures.

Dredging and marine infrastructure expertise

Due to our worldwide consulting experience in the field of dredging and marine infrastructure, Blue Pelican Associates offers a wide range of services and extensive dredging and marine infrastructure project experience.

Our consultants

The consultancy experts within Blue Pelican Associates are well-educated and highly trained, with most having a MSc or BSc in civil engineering or mechanical engineering in a discipline related to dredging and marine infrastructure.

Selected consultancy projects

  • MV2 – Rotterdam Port Expansion
    MV2 – Rotterdam Port Expansion

    The MV2 – Rotterdam Port Expansion project consists of a 2.9 billion euro expansion, resulting in an extra 1000 ha terminal area to the Port...

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  • Sedimentation in Port of Harlingen
    Sedimentation in Port of Harlingen

    Sedimentation in the Port of Harlingen is relatively high, causing high maintenance dredging costs. Municipality is eager to know what causes the sedimentation exactly. A...

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  • Site selection GAP-LNG plant
    Site selection GAP-LNG plant

    Mitsubishi Corporation and it’s partner, Talisman Energy (Brisbane office),  are looking for an appropriate site to build a GAP-LNG plant to process their gas reserves...

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  • Hazira Port Construction, India
    Hazira Port Construction, India

    The port of Hazira is primarily built for LNG facilities, and later expanded with a basin for a container terminal. The high current velocities in...

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Our consultancy services include

  • Project Management

    To plan, design, prepare, contract and realize hydraulic or infrastructural projects requires involvement of multiple parties over an extensive period...

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  • Conceptual Design

    Clients seeking preliminary or conceptual designs can depend on the full participation of the BPA consultants at the earliest stages...

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  • Postproject Services

    Drafting contracts, market approach and execution of projects are an important part of BPA consutancy business. As a result, BPA consultants...

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  • Planning and Cost Control

    Clients can depend on consultants of Blue Pelican Associates to  develop their maritime infrastructure facilities. Planning and cost control are a...

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  • Education and Training

    Good communications is a core value for the consultants of Blue Pelican Associates. For that reason, BPA consultants have developed...

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  • Project Preparation Services

    During initial development stages of marine infrastructure and dredging projects the technical and economical feasibility is assessed. At the same...

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